Terms & Conditions

All visitors to the Moreeb Dune site are advised to carefully read the terms and conditions. We encourage everyone to be familiar with these terms upon entering the area. By attending any event in the Moreeb Dune area, entering Moreeb Dune, or staying in the area, every individual is considered to have agreed to all entry conditions and any risks, obligations, and responsibilities arising from it, understanding that they are binding. Any individual who violates the entry conditions outlined in this policy may be subject to penalties, expulsion from any event and/or from the Moreeb Dune area, and may be referred to the appropriate authorities.

  • Entering the Moreeb Dune area, including any event held in the race tracks or the experimental hill area, may involve a risk or hazard to the personal safety of the visitor. We caution those entering the race tracks or event areas under this document that there is a possibility of accidents that may cause injury, death, or damage or loss of property. Therefore, the visitor assumes the risk of attendance. Each visitor is also responsible at all times for all accompanying individuals under the age of eighteen (18) who are under their care. By attending any event, purchasing a ticket for an event, entering the race track, or staying in Moreeb Dune area, each visitor is considered to have accepted all applicable terms and conditions, as well as any accompanying risks, obligations, and responsibilities.
  • If a visitor attends an event and is required to carry a ticket, it is reminded that ticket purchases are final and non-refundable.
  • Liwa Sports Club reserves the right to inspect bags or other items and has the discretion to refuse their entry into the race tracks.
  • For specific events and reasons related to safety and operation, Liwa Sports Club may advise against attendance of individuals under the age of eighteen (18) for certain events.
  • In adverse weather conditions, entry to the race tracks may be prohibited, and some events may be postponed or canceled at the discretion of Liwa Sports Club with short notice.
  • Regarding each event, Liwa Sports Club reserves the right to add, withdraw, or change dates, substitute any person or group, adjust ticket prices, and arrange seating and audience capacity without notice and under any circumstances.
  • Liwa Sports Club reserves the right to reasonably refuse entry to any visitor and has the right to remove any visitor from the race tracks or event area.
  • Restrictions apply to items brought by visitors to the race tracks or event areas, including professional video cameras, cameras, food, and beverages.

LSCRefers to Liwa Sports Club (a governmental entity)
Participating EntitiesAll private companies related to cars, bikes, and event organizing entities.
Individuals appointed by Liwa Sports Club or any suppliers, organizers, promoters, sponsors, entities, or individuals participating in organizing activities and events or participating in any form at the event site.
Race TrackRefers to any race track or course and all areas within and around it. In the context of the race track, it is the racing area used in any manner associated with an event and/or reserved for other activities.
Entry ConditionsMeans the entry conditions specified in this policy, as amended, changed, or added to from time to time, including, but not limited to, those published on the website www.Lsc.ae
Visitor (Visitors)Any person entering the Moreeb Dune area, including the audience, visitors, and participants.
EventRefers to any event, activity, or function held or to be held in the Moreeb Dune area.
OrganizerMeans the organizer of a specific event.
Liwa FestivalRefers to an annual festival held in the Moreeb Dune area.
PoliceRefers to the Abu Dhabi Police or any other entity responsible for providing security arrangements for the race track and/or event.
TicketRefers to any ticket and/or pass and/or wristband and/or short neck cord for holding an entry card and/or ID card and/or accreditation document and/or certificate and/or any other document issued by Liwa Sports Club allowing entry to the event.
Event SponsorMeans the sponsor of the specific event (from time to time).
WebsiteRefers to the official website, www.Lsc.ae

  • These entry conditions are available on www.Lsc.ae and the smart application for Liwa Sports Club.
  • The entrant is responsible for reading, understanding, and complying with the entry conditions stated in this document.
  • Within the legally permissible framework, each entrant acknowledges that within the scope of participating, the entrant is involved in: (A) a sports or similar recreational activity, and/or (B) an activity involving a clear degree of physical effort or physical risk, and/or (C) an activity for entertainment, enjoyment, or amusement ("Relaxation Services"), including any activities before, during, or after racing on the race track and participation in various entertainment activities and interactive shows. Participating entities do not provide any warranty regarding the provision of entertainment services with due care and skill or the suitability of any materials provided for entertainment services. Each entrant also acknowledges that to the extent any warranty is included or referred to in this document, such warranty is excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law.
  • Without any other waiver or limitation of liability in the entry conditions stated in this document, participating entities shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage (including, but not limited to, loss of earnings) suffered by the entrant (entrants) or the loss resulting from any actions or omissions on the part of participating entities, their managers, employees, agents, and contractors.
  • Liwa Sports Club reserves the right (including refusing to comply with any of the entry conditions stated in this document) to deny entry to any entrant (entrants) or eject any entrant (entrants) from the race track for a reasonable cause.
  • Each entrant is solely responsible for complying with all travel and customs requirements and legal requirements from any relevant authority to enter the United Arab Emirates and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (including, but not limited to, obtaining an entry visa or permit of any kind). Regarding any event, there will be no exchanges, swaps, refunds, or replacements of tickets due to an entrant's failure to comply with these requirements or inability to obtain an entry visa (or denial, cancellation, expiration, or nullification) for any reason. We advise each entrant to review all travel and customs requirements and legal requirements for entering the United Arab Emirates and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi before purchasing any ticket(s) for a specific event.
  • No person is allowed to use the Liwa Festival logo or Liwa Sports Club logo or any part of it (or any abbreviation or foreign language version thereof) or any logo or design derived from Liwa Sports Club or related to it for any commercial purpose of any kind without prior written consent from Liwa Sports Club.

  • Liwa Sports Club reserves the right to add, without notice, any specific person, group, race, team, personality, withdraw, reschedule, or replace them in any of the events, modify ticket prices and seating arrangements, and audience density, whether announced or not, and whether their presence in the event is expected or not. Liwa Sports Club is not responsible for informing entrants of any changes in participants or changes in the format of any event or changes in any other element that results from arranging an alternative event. Liwa Sports Club is considered the promoter and exclusive distributor of tickets for events held in the circuits or event areas in Moreeb Dune. Other entities (actions not controlled by Liwa Sports Club) may propose canceling the date and time of an event or rescheduling or changing it. Liwa Sports Club is not responsible for entrants for any losses or damages, whether direct or indirect, resulting from the cancellation of any event (or any part of it) or its rescheduling or change. Liwa Sports Club does not provide any warranty, guarantee, or promise in any form regarding the date and time of a specific event and cannot ensure, guarantee, or promise not to cancel any event or reschedule or change it.
  • Each participating entity reserves the absolute and sole right to delay or postpone any event and, if necessary, cancel the event or leave it completely due to changes in weather conditions. The event may be fully resumed on the same day or on the day immediately following the day on which the delay or postponement occurred.
  • No participating entity is responsible for any entrant(s) for any losses or damages, whether direct or indirect, that occur as a result of canceling any event (or any part of it) or rescheduling or changing it.
  • Amendments or changes to the entry conditions are only effective and binding if made or confirmed in writing by Liwa Sports Club, which includes posting a notice on the website.
  • All the terms mentioned in the entry conditions are separate from each other, and if any term or part of it becomes invalid, unenforceable, illegal, or void in any form, that term or part will be considered invalid/void to the extent that it does not constitute part of the entry conditions stated in this document, and the remaining terms or any part of them shall not be invalidated under any circumstances because of that.
  • These entry conditions are issued in both Arabic and English languages, and in case of any conflict between the Arabic and English versions of the entry conditions, the Arabic version shall prevail.
  • The entry conditions stated in this document shall apply, be interpreted, enforced, and activated in all cases in accordance with the laws of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the laws of the United Arab Emirates, and the federal laws of the United Arab Emirates, without regard to conflict of laws provisions. Each entrant under these entry conditions is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United Arab Emirates.
  • All participants in the events and competitions are required to review the general conditions, safety conditions, and technical conditions for each event, available on the website and the smart application of the club.

The public and visitors are allowed to enter all areas except for the following:

  • Entry to racing tracks and fields is only allowed for participants and organizers.
  • Entry into cordoned-off areas or areas surrounded by fences or interference with any activities conducted by Liwa Sports Club in cordoned-off or fenced areas is prohibited.
  • Entry into camp areas with vehicles or bicycles is not allowed.
  • Adherence to entry and exit times if these times are specified.
  • The use of any type of vehicles on sidewalks or any pedestrian areas is not allowed.
  • Bringing animals into public areas and public spaces is not allowed.

  • The public is allowed to perform stunts in the test hill starting from 12:00 PM until 1:00 AM.
  • Stunt performances are prohibited on the street or near camps, restaurants, shops, companies, or other areas where the public is present.
  • Individual competitions or tournaments are not allowed without prior approval from Liwa Sports Club.
  • Riding quad bikes and cruisers on asphalt roads is not allowed.
  • It is advisable to use helmets and specialized clothing, refrain from wearing national dress, and use seat belts during car or bike stunts.
  • Check the brakes of the vehicle before performing car or bike stunts.
  • Equip the vehicle with front and rear handles for towing in case of a mechanical failure.
  • Installing protective cages for vehicles is recommended for their importance in maintaining safety.
  • It is recommended to disconnect the fuel tank from the battery when using modified cars for stunts.
  • Remove loose objects inside the car during stunts.
  • Have a first aid kit containing sterile bandages, disinfectants, pain relievers, antispasmodics, and cold packs, and keep it out of reach of children.
  • Take all security and safety precautions to avoid any fires on-site.
  • The violator of the conditions outlined in this guide assumes all responsibility and legal consequences resulting from it.

Security, Attendance, and Behavior Rules within Event Sites

Upon purchasing an admission ticket, all attendees agree to comply with the conditions displayed at the entrances of the arenas or event areas, including:

  • Security arrangements, notifications, or announcements presented or provided by the police or authorized agents representing any relevant institutions, including all guidelines or notifications related to security and admission.
  • All laws and regulations applicable in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Any requests issued by the police.
  • Any requests issued by Liwa Sports Club or any authorized representative regarding the activities of Liwa Sports Club, events, or the use or occupancy of the arena and its facilities.

For the sake of security and safety, Liwa Sports Club reserves the right to inspect any person or property entering the arena. It also reserves the right to refuse entry of any bags and/or other materials into the arena, as well as to refuse entry or remove any individual for reasonable reasons. Liwa Sports Club or any person licensed to act on its behalf (any "authorized representative") may, at any time, revoke any previously issued approval. In the event of such revocation, the attendee must immediately remove or surrender the items in question to Liwa Sports Club or the authorized representative or leave the arena from the nearest exit as per the instructions of Liwa Sports Club or its authorized representative.

Due to security and safety concerns, Liwa Sports Club may request individuals under the age of eighteen (18) not to attend certain events. Liwa Sports Club also recommends attendees to wear suitable ear protection and/or any clothing or protective equipment during certain events. When Liwa Sports Club issues such recommendations, every attendee must ensure that any individual under the age of eighteen (18) or any person under their care wears suitable ear protection and/or any clothing or protective equipment as per the instructions of Liwa Sports Club. Parents or guardians are solely responsible for the individuals under their care.

All attendees commit not to have in their possession or bring into the arenas or event areas any of the following materials without prior approval from Liwa Sports Club:

  • All types of alcohol, glass bottles or containers, metal flags or flagpoles, flags or banners with a length exceeding 1 meter, chairs, seats, dining chairs, or coolers.
  • Pets and non-domesticated animals (except guide dogs for individuals with disabilities).
  • Any materials that can be used as weapons or firearms (whether fake or real);.
  • Scooters, skateboards, rollerblades or wheeled shoes, fireworks, drones, distress signals, sirens, horns, electronic devices, or other broadcasting devices;.
  • Any materials that Liwa Sports Club deems that the attendee will not use for ordinary or reasonable purposes or that their use will cause damage to or destruction of the property, buildings, any part of the arena and surrounding areas, or interfere, obstruct, disrupt communication, or negatively impact public safety, or any goods or tickets displayed for sale or commercial distribution, or any hazardous materials or any items prohibited by law;.
  • All or any of the participating entities do not assume any responsibility for any loss or damage to the property of the attendees that they brought into the arena or event areas, and blocking or coverage services are not available in the arena.
  • All attendees agree to indemnify the organizer, Liwa Sports Club, and/or the participating entities for any and all damages, losses, accidents, or injuries they incur or may incur as a result of the attendees' violation of the entry conditions or negligence or willful misconduct of the attendees or any person under the care, custody, direction, or supervision of the attendees, inside the arena or event areas or related to the event.

All attendees must adhere to the following rules within the tracks or event areas without prior approval from Liwa Sports Club:

  • Do not enter the racing tracks, organizing committee areas, or Liwa Sports Club's designated zones.
  • Do not stay on the track outside the announced closing times.
  • Do not leave the track or any event from any place other than the designated exit.
  • Do not remove any piece from the safety area.
  • Do not enter any cordoned-off areas or areas surrounded by fences or interfere with any activities conducted by Liwa Sports Club in cordoned or fenced areas.
  • Do not create any structures, erect signs, or display any banners.
  • Do not pick, damage, or uproot any trees or shrubs, disturb or interact with any animals in the area.
  • Do not climb or sit on any tree or structure.
  • Do not stick, attach, or place any stickers, banners, printed advertisements, paper, or any advertising material on any building, structure, fence, tree, or hoop.
  • Do not distribute any printed or visual materials, promote, or distribute samples of goods or services, or any other materials or items.
  • Do not distribute any goods or services, sell them by wandering, or sell, offer them for sale in exchange for fundraising or receiving requests for goods and services.
  • Do not sell, offer, or make tickets available for sale or relinquish them as gifts.
  • Do not misuse, damage, or harm any building, seats, boards, tables, structures, vehicles, pipes, taps, electronic equipment, wires, or signs.
  • Do not dispose of waste in designated areas.
  • Do not throw, toss, or kick stones, bottles, or any projectiles.
  • Do not disable or cut off the race or act in any way that causes the race or activities to stop.
  • The use of laser pointers or any behavior that obstructs, hinders, or interferes with any participating vehicle in the race or negatively affects the safety of the general public is prohibited.
  • Deliberate interference with the viewing of any attendee sitting in the seat next to you directly, or causing unreasonable disturbance to any attendee, official, employee, or contractor of Liwa Sports Club, or behaving in a manner that conflicts with the comfort of any attendee or interferes with their enjoyment of the events is prohibited.

  • Every attendee is granted permission to enter only through the designated open areas of the arena/event zone. It is essential not to enter any restricted areas, as specified by Liwa Sports Club or any participating entities.
  • Liwa Sports Club may occasionally request parents or guardians to accompany attendees under the age of eighteen (18) and supervise them. In such cases, the parent or guardian must:
    1. Obtain a valid ticket for attending any of the events.
    2. Assume responsibility for the care, guidance, and supervision of these individuals throughout the entire duration.
    3. Keep them under observation, especially when in proximity to the arena. Attendees under the age of eighteen (18) are not allowed to enter specific areas of the arena/event zone for safety reasons, as determined by Liwa Sports Club or as instructed by them based on their sole discretion.
  • Once an attendee is granted the right to enter the arena/event zone on a specific event day, tickets cannot be transferred to another day. Each attendee must possess a valid ticket at all times. Liwa Sports Club reserves the right to deny entry to any person for any event if they do not have a valid ticket. Such individuals may be asked to leave the arena/event zone. Liwa Sports Club also reserves the right to charge fees for ticket replacements. Additionally, lost, stolen, counterfeit, damaged, or unreadable tickets may not be replaced.
  • As a condition for entering and remaining in the arena/event zone, each attendee acknowledges and accepts that certain activities within the arena/event zone, including but not limited to car and bike races and related activities, are considered hazardous. Being present within the arena may involve personal risks for the attendee. The attendee assumes full and personal responsibility for being present within the arena and the resulting personal dangers. Each attendee is reminded of the risks, compensations, and limitations of liability as stated in the entry conditions outlined in this document, and thus agrees to, accepts, and acknowledges them.

All competitors are required to review and adhere to the event conditions outlined in the smart application of Liwa Sports Club.

  • Adherence to the laws, customs, and traditions prevalent in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
  • Compliance with the designated camping area and refraining from expanding the space.
  • Prohibition of the use of all types of vehicles and motorcycles within the public camps.
  • Renting or using motorcycles by others, whether for a fee or without charge, is not allowed.
  • The camp is not to be used for commercial purposes or displaying flags, banners, or promotional signage.
  • Fire extinguishers must be provided within private camps.
  • Site cleanliness must be maintained after the camping period.
  • Restriction of camping activities to tents or easily movable prefabricated structures.
  • Avoidance of disturbing noise using loudspeakers or other equipment.
  • Prohibition of heavy equipment for excavation and land leveling.
  • The re-rental of the camp for investment purposes is not allowed, except for those authorized by Liwa Sports Club or relevant authorities.
  • Disposal of barbecue or cooking waste at the camping site is not permitted.
  • Camping is only allowed in designated areas, keeping a specified distance from activity and service areas as indicated by Liwa Sports Club management and site signage.
  • The violator of the conditions in this guide assumes full responsibility and all legal consequences arising from it. The camper within the Moreeb Dune area is entirely responsible for the camp's safety, lives, and properties inside the site. They must provide a private guard for the camp, and they have no right to recourse or claim in case of any loss of belongings from within it.

  • Preservation of general cleanliness and avoidance of damage to the wilderness environment.
  • Digging non-compliant sewage pits for all camps is prohibited.
  • Any excavation and interference in the natural environment is strictly forbidden. No tampering with trees or plants on the site is allowed.
  • Lighting fires and barbecuing directly on the sand is prohibited. Special grilling platforms and tools (such as pits or canons) must be used, and barbecue waste must be collected and disposed of in designated areas.
  • Fires and embers must be extinguished before sleeping and before leaving the camp.
  • Waste must be placed in designated trash bags.
  • Proper disposal of all types of waste is required.
  • Instill the value of cleanliness in the hearts of children.
  • Collaborate with relevant authorities to achieve environmental sustainability.
  • Do not leave damaged spare parts for cars or motorcycles at the site.
  • Minimize the use of plastic materials and replace them with recyclable materials.
  • Collect waste in environmentally friendly bags and avoid burying it underground.
  • Consider the cleanliness of the site as everyone's responsibility.
  • The violator of the conditions in this guide assumes full responsibility and all legal consequences arising from it.

First: Restaurants

  • Participation is allowed only for mobile restaurants ("caravans") in coordination with the club.
  • Adherence to the allocated space and the specified location based on the length of the mobile restaurant, as agreed upon.
  • Commitment to the installation period of the restaurant during the 3 days preceding the festival and removal within 3 days after its conclusion.
  • The restaurant must provide the necessary connections and cables for electricity, in addition to a water tank.
  • Setting up tents or creating a storage area in the restaurant zone is prohibited. However, chairs, umbrellas, and tables in front of the restaurant are allowed, in a manner befitting the overall appearance of the festival and as determined by the organizing committee.
  • Full compliance with all instructions of the organizing committee during the event period.
  • The violator of the conditions in this guide assumes full responsibility and all legal consequences arising from it.

Second: Market Shops

  • Compliance with the specified activity agreed upon with the club's management is a prerequisite.
  • Adherence to the specified space and location is required.
  • Sharing the allocated space with other companies is not allowed.
  • Transferring the specified benefit agreed upon with the club's management to another company is not allowed.
  • Full compliance with all instructions of the organizing committee during the event period.

  • The sponsoring company of the festival is committed to the agreement concluded with the club during the festival period.
  • The exhibiting company is committed to the allocated space only.
  • Setting up a tent at the display site for companies is not allowed.
  • Only 6 flags are allowed in the space allocated for the company's display.
  • Adherence to the terms and conditions of advertising and promotion for the festival, as outlined in the festival guide.
  • Adherence to the specified period for installing the stand, which is 5 days before the festival, and removal within 5 days after the festival.

For the purposes of this policy, "recordings" refer to all types of audio and visual recordings, or visual and audible recordings, and "data" refers to any other information or data, including official timing, results, performance, remote sensing techniques, weather conditions, or race control data. "Image" refers to any type of images, including photographic and still images extracted or extractable from the recording, while "recording equipment" refers to any equipment that enables the recording, storage, reproduction, or transmission of any recording, image, or data.

Unless explicitly permitted by Liwa Sports Club in writing, all attendees must refrain from bringing any professional recording equipment or any recording equipment deemed unacceptable by Liwa Sports Club, as determined in its absolute and individual discretion, or using such equipment inside the arenas or event areas, which are equipment used for the purposes detailed in the preceding paragraph. Taking into account this policy, attendees are allowed to bring personal electronic devices within the arena (including cameras, mobile phones, and other personal communication devices and portable devices) unless otherwise instructed.

Attendees are prohibited from producing, creating, storing, recording, transmitting, reproducing, broadcasting, using, selling, licensing, or dealing with any recordings, images, or data obtained inside the arena or related to the event unless:

a. It is for personal entertainment and enjoyment.
b. The attendee obtains prior written consent from the participating entity, taking into account the purposes of the events and festivals held at the location.

Upon request from the participating entity, the attendee must, in writing, waive any intellectual property rights to any recordings, images, and/or data obtained during the event or related to it by that participating entity (regarding events and festivals held in Moreeb Dune area). In the event that a waiver is not possible, the attendee agrees not to assert any moral rights they may have in these recordings, images, or data.

Participating entities have the right to allow any authorized photographers present in the arenas or event areas to take photographs and/or video recordings for future advertising and promotional purposes without any requirement for permission from any of the attendees.

All attendees agree that Liwa Sports Club may collect personal information about them for operational, research, marketing, and promotional activities related to the events. Specifically, Liwa Sports Club may collect the name, address, and phone number of attendees for seating coordination and/or viewing arrangements for attendees. Each attendee agrees, conclusively and irrevocably, to receive newsletters and future promotional materials and marketing communications from Liwa Sports Club, including those sent via electronic means such as email and text messages, unless otherwise notified to Liwa Sports Club.

All attendees acknowledge that Liwa Sports Club and other authorized parties by Liwa Sports Club may make recordings inside the arena or event areas, which may include images and/or voices related to the attendees. By virtue of this document, attendees grant participating and non-participating entities permission to create, reproduce, broadcast, transmit, use, sell, license, or deal with any recording related to the attendee (attendees) in any media worldwide for any purpose without restriction, and without payment of any compensation of any kind.

Restrictions on Tickets for Sale and Unauthorized Tickets:

Each attendee must refrain from reselling, transferring ownership (for commercial or personal gain), or distributing any ticket(s) for an event at a price higher than the one stated on it without prior written approval from Liwa Sports Club. Attendees should not buy or obtain ticket(s) from any commercial agent or company other than Liwa Sports Club or its authorized agent.

The ticket(s) must not be used for advertising, promotion, business incentives, or any other commercial purposes, including, but not limited to, lotteries, contests, betting, prizes, lotteries, prize draws, or to boost demand for other goods or services, without the prior written approval of Liwa Sports Club, which may set any suitable conditions. Liwa Sports Club alone has the right to refuse to issue such approval.

Any ticket(s) purchased, sold, or used in violation of the entry conditions specified in this document will be considered invalid and may lead to:

  • Denial of entry to race tracks or race areas.
  • Ejection from the racecourse.
  • Ticket cancellation without a refund; and/or legal action.

Seat Allocation and Event Viewing:

Liwa Sports Club reserves the right to, at any time, with or without notice, reassign all seats, viewing areas, and other matters and attractions associated with any specific event. Each attendee should not rely on racecourse maps or other documents as they are provided as an approximate guide only to illustrate seating positions, viewing areas, and other matters and attractions.

Every attendee to any event acknowledges and accepts that some seats may have limited visibility or restricted space for the race, and that natural or man-made obstacles in some locations may obstruct the view. Liwa Sports Club reserves the right to make last-minute changes to event seating arrangements as it sees fit, which may result in the allocation of seats with limited visibility or limited space for the race for the attendee(s). If Liwa Sports Club makes any significant changes to the arrangements of limited attendee seating, Liwa Sports Club will notify the attendee(s) of these changes directly and will seek to provide alternative seating arrangements. If alternative seating arrangements are not satisfactory, Liwa Sports Club will offer the attendee(s) the option to exchange the ticket(s) for a ticket(s) of the same or lesser face value or in another seating location. If this is also unacceptable, Liwa Sports Club will refund the cost of the ticket(s) (excluding any delivery or related expenses).

Some areas in racecourses and event venues are exposed to direct sunlight and heat. Therefore, each attendee is requested to take proper care of their health, including adequate protection from dehydration and the sun.

Liwa Sports Club will, whenever possible, offer attendees with mobility aids or special needs the opportunity to access suitable seating for events. In the case of an attendee requiring such seating, they should contact the booking hotline to discuss their requirements.

Ticket Sales and Event Completion:

Tickets for events can only be purchased from the official website, authorized web agents, the reservation hotline, authorized ticket kiosks, or authorized retail agents.

Tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis, and the best seats will be allocated based on availability.

For specific events, Liwa Sports Club may require that any attendee under the age of eighteen (18) at the time of purchase must not buy a ticket without the supervision and under the permission of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s), who will solely bear the responsibility for informing the attendee of the entry conditions stated in this document. Liwa Sports Club may also prohibit any attendee under the age of eighteen (18) from entering an event and/or the racecourse or remaining therein unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian over the age of eighteen (18).

For all events, the full amount must be paid at the time of booking. If the full amount is not available or if completing the full payment is not possible, the transaction will not be completed and will be canceled.

For some events, Liwa Sports Club may set a maximum limit on the number of tickets that can be purchased by any individual.

Special pricing privileges (if applicable) will only be available for categories of individuals officially declared by Liwa Sports Club as eligible for special pricing privileges. Proof of eligibility must be presented when purchasing the ticket and upon entering the racecourse.

Unless otherwise specified, ticket prices do not include any goods or services other than entry to the racecourse and/or the specified event.

Refund of Ticket Price, Exchange, or Transfer:

Except as otherwise provided in this section, ticket prices cannot be exchanged or refunded after purchase, except for high-value tickets, subject to availability, under any circumstances, including but not limited to the following conditions:

  • The presence or absence of any specific individual, group, car, event, race, activity, or team expected by the attendee, whether announced or not, or whether reported before or not.
  • Modifications to the event program in terms of attractions or comfort provisions.
  • Any circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Liwa Sports Club, including, but not limited to, adverse weather conditions, force majeure events, government or state actions (including any declared national mourning period or public holiday for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi), or any actions taken by third parties beyond the control of Liwa Sports Club, such as war, terrorism, civil unrest, or labor disputes of any nature.
  • Changes in the personal circumstances of the attendee or the inability or incapacity of the attendee to enter the United Arab Emirates or the Emirate of Abu Dhabi due to the inability to obtain (or upon refusal, termination, or cancellation of) an entry visa or permit, for any reason.

Liwa Sports Club will refund the face value of the ticket only to the original buyer in the following cases:

- Complete cancellation of an event with no rescheduled date.
- Changing dates after they have been confirmed, and the relevant attendee confirms in writing to Liwa Sports Club that they do not wish to attend the event on the rescheduled date, or if there is a significant change in the reserved seating arrangements for the attendee (other than as outlined in the clause allowing the attendee to request a refund according to the laws of the United Arab Emirates or, at the sole and absolute discretion of Liwa Sports Club).

The original ticket must be presented for a refund, and Liwa Sports Club will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred by the attendee as a result of the cancellation of an event (or any part of it), its postponement, or its change.

Liwa Sports Club is not obligated to replace tickets under any circumstances. However, Liwa Sports Club may, at its sole discretion and for a fee to cover administrative costs, agree to replace lost or stolen tickets.

To avoid doubt, regarding tickets for which no financial compensation has been paid, no amount or other costs will be refunded, and no current or future financial entitlement will apply to Liwa Sports Club for the holder of these tickets under this clause due to any loss or damage resulting from the cancellation, postponement, or change of any event (or any part thereof).

Liwa Sports Club is not responsible at all for stolen or forged tickets purchased or obtained from unauthorized sources. The attendee found in possession of forged tickets or reported as lost or stolen may be denied entry or ejected from the racecourse or event areas and may be subject to legal action.

Any attendee with a valid refund request under this paragraph should contact the reservation hotline or send an email to Info@agsc.ae.