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December 2024

Liwa Walk

This is a well-maintained pathway open to the public for walking and leisurely strolls. The route conveniently runs alongside a bustling restaurant corner, home to a diverse array of eateries serving a wide range of delectable cuisine and beverages. This path frequently serves as the venue for general knowledge contests and is a popular spot […]
08 - 31 Dec

RV Parking

The management of the Liwa International Festival is keen to provide all the necessary facilities for its valued visitors, including a private parking area for cars and mobile recreational vehicles equipped with the following services: Power supply Parking Water supply Drainage service
08 - 31 Dec

Liwa Sand Activities

An area for recreational and educational activities on how to drive cars and bikes on the san- dy road, by a team specialized in driving on the sand. This event targets amateurs and beginners of all ages and all types of cars, to practice the hobby and acquire skills by overcoming obstacles and passing the […]
08 - 31 Dec

Liwa Village

Liwa Village is a new and distinctive addition to the Liwa International Festival, which includes an impressive range of events, including hosting elite artists, a variety of world-class culinary offerings, as well as family entertainment activities and retail experiences.
08 - 31 Dec

The Rahayel Arena

The Rahayel Arena at the Liwa International Festival is a representation of KEZAD Group’s Rahayel City, which is an integrated destination for Abu Dhabi’s Automotive Industry. Rahayel City hosts Showrooms, Workshops, Commercial outlets and an auction house and a test track making it a fun outing for automobile lovers.
08 - 31 Dec

Liwa Film Show

It is a video presentation, projected onto the main Moreeb Dune through a huge platform, telling the story of the Moreeb Dune and its founders. It also displays the racing champions who have won first place since its founding until today. Three video shows daily according to the following schedule: 8:00 PM 10:00 PM 12:00 […]
08 - 31 Dec


This year, the Liwa International Festival is characterized by holding extremely impressive fireworks displays that add joy and to the public, on a daily basis throughout the duration of the festival, including shapes and drawings inspired by the festival and its events. The daily shows start at 8:00 pm
08 - 31 Dec
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