Falcon Racing

(Falcon Racing (Telwah

Falcon Race – Telwah
Falconry is the most traditional sport in UAE where falconer flies a falcon to catch the prey as fast as possible , in the coming season the competition is developed using high standard levels and accurate electronic equipment

Race Book
Race Categories:

1st  Jeer Shaheen ( Farkh )

2nd Jeer pure ( Farkh )

3th Jeer Garmousha ( Farkh )

4th  Jeer Tabaa ( Farkh )

5th Jeer elite (Jernas)

General rules
  1. General Rules: 
    1. All participants should be present at 7:00 am , Race will start at 8:00 AM
    2. 400m is the challenge distance.
    3. In case of any suspecting, organizers will classify the falcon to the right category.
    4. Not more than 3 falcons are allowed in each category.
    5. Accepted Falcons are those owned by locals (not sheikh)
    6. It’s the responsibility of Falconer ( sakkar) to call his falcon and handle up the lure (telwah).


    prize is Nissan pick up for the first place in each category


pigeon Huntng competition

It’s better known in the UAE as “HADAD” , where  the falcon try to catch a flying pigeon flown by the organizer at selected area south of moreeb dune, no timing system is utilized , all participants who catch the pigeon is considered as a winner.


General Terms:

1- It’s only allowed for Jeer type of falcons participate.

2- In case of any suspection, organizers will classify the falcon to the right category.

3- Only one falcon is allowed for each owner

4- The falconer is the only responsible for his falcon

5- Using double falcons is not allowed (Talqeef)

6- Maximum of 50 pigeons are used in this competition

7- First 50 registered are first to join

8- The participation is canceled if the faconer turn comes without his appear.

9- No gathering is allowed around pigeon area

10- Using AL Hail other than the one for pigeon will result in canceling the participation.

11- You are requested to keep Al Hail writen by your name with you.

12- everyone should be present at the right location of pegion hunting.

13- you must saty at the gathering point until your name is called.

14- The attempt is rejected if the pigeon is not flying properly, the organizer might offer another attemp if more time is available.

15- If falcon seems not able to catch, then falconer must call it back without wasting extra time

16- Any breaking of above mentioned terms will cause participation rejection immediately.

17- organizer decision is final and doesn’t allow any negotiation.

Location: south of moreeb dune (follow sign boards)

Gathering time: 1:30pm

starting time: 2:00pm

No participant is accepted after 1:30pm

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