Events & Activities

The activities of Liwa Sports Club varies from competitions and races such like Motorsports, modern desert competitions and heritage sports.

Horse Race
Madinat Zayed track

Horse Race

The sport of horseracing evolved from being a hobby for Emirates to wide competitions reaching throughout the world in the country
Liwa sport Festival 2019

Moreeb Dune

One of the largest and multi sports festivals in the UAE, the exciting nine days activities includes a variety of races such like: cars, bikes, drift, UTVs. In addition to traditional competition like falconry, camels and horse racing) The extreme example of where sport comes from, people compete and gather from all over the world to enjoy the dune bashing on the UAE’s scariest mountain “moreeb dune”Liwa Sports Festival – Moreeb Dune 2019″ from 2018/12/27 to 2019/01/04

The Gulf New Fun Drive
National Day Sports Festival
coming soon

Freestyle Drift 4×4
Al Dhafra Water Sports Festival
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Liwa Sports Festival Events

Activity Day Date Time
Freestyle Drift -Round 1 27/12/2018Thursday19:00
Freestyle Drift -Round 2 28/12/2018Friday19:00
Liwa UTV Championship 29/12/2018Saturday14:00
Liwa Drift Championship29/12/2018Saturday18:00
Liwa Falcon Race30/12/2018Sunday08:00
Liwa Camel Race31/12/2018Monday14:00
Liwa Horse Race31/12/2018Monday16:00
car sand stunt01/01/2019Tuesday16:00
Sand Drag Bike race02/01/2019Wednesday17:00
Moreeb Dune-Car race 8 Cylender manual , 6 Cylinder open , 6 Cylinder Gaz03/01/2019Thursday19:00
Moreeb Dune-Car race 8 Cylender open, 6 Cylinder manual04/01/2019Friday19:00

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