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Liwa Sport Club hosts the event Friday

Liwa Sport Club will be held next Friday 30-3-2018 for a new round of the 2018 free car race, which will be held at Mureeb Dune, and will be accompanied by the start of registration of contestants and applicants. To…

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Under the slogan of the UAE, we have gathered

Liwa Sports Club organized this evening the Arabian Horse race and competition in madiat Zayed in AlDhafra area and is named after the National Athletics Day of the Arabian Horse. And began the afternoon of the competitions of the three…

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A positive atmosphere prevails over horse race in AlDhafra

A positive atmosphere prevails over the Arabian horse race in Al Dhafra The third round of Arabian Horse Racing, held in Al Dhafra -Madinat Zayed, has achieved a great deal of popularity and participation in the race organized by Liwa…

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Achieved high numbers and high demand

The seven-day Drag race event at Liwa Sport Festival witnessed an unprecedented turnout in the six categories of contestants from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman at a spectacular Gulf meeting and a youth rally that started from 7 pm…

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62 cars, mostly from Saudi Arabia

On the sixth day of the festival, the sand car racing competition witnessed a high presence of 62 cars from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Oman in a striking and dazzling scene for the presence of professionals and fans of…

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The first round competitions of Car Freestyle Drift

The first round of Car Freestyle Drift competition which was held on Thursday, 28-12-2017 Click here to find all participants  

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A new sports surprise awaits participants

A great turnout to participate in the Liwa Festival Liwa Sport Club began receiving and registering applications through its website and application of the club in various smart phones to meet the challenges of the Liwa Sports Festival – 2018,…

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Abu Dhabi Police participated in the activities

Abu Dhabi Police participated in the activities of the National day Festival in AlDhafra during the celebrations of the 46th National Day. During the events, AlDafra Police Directorate prepared a program to educate the public on public safety means while…

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The end of national day Festival-2017

The festival was held on Saturday, 2/12/2017. The festival was held at the Moreeb Dune racetrack. At the end of the race, Mr. Hamdan Mohammed Al Mazrouei, General Manager of Liwa Sport Club, and members of the Jury won the…

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The announcement Car Sad Stunt Result

The jury of the Liwa Sport Club announced the results of the Car Sad Stunt which was held on Friday 1-12-2017 in the national day festival held in Liwa City – Moreeb Dune The results of the 8-cylinder class, winning…

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New tournaments in the calendar of the season

Mureeb Dune launches its new version December 28 The challenge and excitement of the Mureeb Dune competitions (from the source) The Liwa Sport Club has set the agenda for the Liwa Sports Festival – 2018, which will kick off on…

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car sand stunt

The excitement and excitement continue through the third day of the “Mureeb Dune” Sports Festival in its 2017 edition, which will be held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Ruler’s Representative in AlDhafra, and…

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Al Dhafra Water Festival

Ten days of entertainment and excitement await you on Mirfaa city with the AlDhafra water Festival! There are a number of aquatic enthusiasts and enthusiasts in the competition, including football and beach volleyball, as well as activities for the entire…

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Variety of Liwa Sports Competitions

Abdulla Butti Al Qubaisi, Chairman of Liwa Sport Club, announced the end of the season for the 2017 season with great success and dazzling, through various competitions organized by the club throughout the season, starting from last October until May,…

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Dec, 28 – Liwa Sport Festival

Under the patronage of HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Ruler’s Representative in AlDhafra, Liwa Sport Club adopted its 2017-2018 new schedule for sporting events and activities, as well as festivals and sports challenges throughout the season. LSC has…

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