A positive atmosphere prevails over horse race in AlDhafra

A positive atmosphere prevails over the Arabian horse race in Al Dhafra

The third round of Arabian Horse Racing, held in Al Dhafra -Madinat Zayed, has achieved a great deal of popularity and participation in the race organized by Liwa Sport Club today Production of Arabian horses in the area of ​​Dhafra and owners participating and attending the race.

Surpassed in the 1700 meters horse EF Khadaa to the owner Saif Mohammed Fahn while the second horse was replaced by the possession of the owner Ahmed Mohammed Muhairbi, and the third AlGharbi horse owner Saif Azir Al Mazroui and also won fourth place horse de Bricar for the same owner, and settled in fifth place Persians SH Jalila to its owner Abdullah Musa Al Qubaisi.

In the second half of the 1400 meters, the Persians Raghayed their owners Suhail Ali Salmin with the first place, and the Persians defeated their owner Butti Ahmed Al Shamsi in second place. Third, the horse EF was directed to Hamed Salem Al Hamli and finished fourth in the fourth place to owner Saif Bakhit Al Murr. Fifth place Persians Afar Ramud to its owner Hamad Salem Hamli.

The various stages were held in a positive atmosphere and a great interaction of the residents of the region in the follow-up and attendance of the sports event where the race was followed directly by the ceremony of honoring the winners and the top five in each run.


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