Achieved high numbers and high demand

The seven-day Drag race event at Liwa Sport Festival witnessed an unprecedented turnout in the six categories of contestants from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman at a spectacular Gulf meeting and a youth rally that started from 7 pm until mid-afternoon. The night on the Arena is a terrifying hill, under the majestic and legendary lights of the ring.

The participating bikes recorded high numbers in most categories. Mohammed Al Mazmi of the UAE made a record of 3,596 seconds in his first four-wheel drive. The most important figures were scored by UAE national Nasser Al Hai in the Al-Baji category, Al Mansouri, who finished second in the category of Albaji, continued to record numbers and achieve first positions in six categories and record more than thirty record numbers and the first centers in all categories participating through the challenge of cyclist Rice.

Nasser Al Hai came in second place with Al Baji and Majid Bin Houfan Al Mansouri came third. Saif Sultan Al Dhahiri came third with Ahmed Al-Ali, Ahmed Saif Al Maqoudi, Mohammed Saeed Al Kindi, Secondly, Mashaal Jassim Mohammed, third Amer Jneibi, and in the category of four wheels 10 mm, first place was Mohammed Hamza Al Mazmi, second Amer Jneibi and third Mashaal Jassim Mohammed, came the category of two wheels to guide the victory to Mohammed Rashid Al-Waladli and second Nasser Abdul Aziz Al Jabbar and Muthanna Mansour Abu Dhabi Yap.

The race was held in a special track at the circuit where the length of the track 91 meters with modern techniques for arbitration and supervision of the conduct of the competition and to reach the best and most accurate results in the tournament, which rose to meet the international standards and specifications made them the best for such tournaments.

Cycling champions in various categories wrote a remarkable and memorable day at the Liwa Sport Festival to bring a youthful footprint to the gathering and fans of these sports, recording the elegant attendance of professionals and fans of this tournament.


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