62 cars, mostly from Saudi Arabia

On the sixth day of the festival, the sand car racing competition witnessed a high presence of 62 cars from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Oman in a striking and dazzling scene for the presence of professionals and fans of the sport. The event is divided into three categories: the six-cylinder, the eight-cylinder and the pic up.

The fans of the exciting sports and the show on a beautiful night in the area of ​​Moreeb dune to follow up and watch the challenge of the live review in the sand where four flights were recorded for each car participation and to exceed the number of trips in total two hundred flights distributed between 5:30 pm to midnight.

In the eight-cylinder category, Bader Ali Al-Hamad won the highest percentage of the jury by reaching point 220 to finish first, while Faisal Abdullah Al-Yousfi and Muhannad Sulaiman Al-Awad were third. In the six-cylinder category, Hamad Musa Al-Balushi came first. In second place Mamdouh Al-Luhaidan, third Azhar bin Zaher Al-Hinai, and in the category of Helox finished in first place Abdul Aziz Saleh Al-Assaqah, second Moaz Saleh Al-Nafeesh and third Abdul Aziz bin Saud bin Asim.

None of the names exceeded the 200-point limit by the jury except Bader Ali to be the best and highest overall among all participants. The sand competition began last season for the first time in the area of ​​Moreeb Dune, and continued for the second consecutive season with great success.


For his part, Rashid Al Mazrouei, member of the Organizing Committee welcomed the increase in the number of participants and their arrival to high numbers through the challenge, and stressed that the increase in the number of cars is a healthy sign and an important indicator of the turnout of the tournament and leave the sidelines and illegal reviews in order to engage in a competition that carries all elements of the system and commitment, : Are pleased to contribute to the establishment of championships with a legal character and commitment and are more happy to see the youth’s turnout and interaction with these tournaments.


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