Al Dhafra Water Festival

Ten days of entertainment and excitement await you on Mirfaa city with the AlDhafra water Festival!

There are a number of aquatic enthusiasts and enthusiasts in the competition, including football and beach volleyball, as well as activities for the entire family, especially children who can enjoy free water games and heritage events.

The festival, which plays an active role in supporting the social, cultural and heritage activities of AlDhafra residents, also includes live theater performances, heritage market and many other pleasant surprises.

Popular market

Our heritage and our eternal legacy on a date with you in the rehab of the popular market. Visit us to see the past with our eyes daily from 4 pm to 10 pm.

Children Village

AlDhafra Festival is dedicated to providing children with a variety of activities and games such as rope tugging, rowing, swimming, drawing, information competitions, hand-held displays and more.

Women also have an important part of the festival activities, including cooking competitions, and fashion shows for girls and women daily from 4 pm to 10 pm.


Beach Games

Beach soccer, volleyball, swimming, and more. Encourage your favorite teams daily from 12 noon to 6 pm.

Marine races and sporting events

Prepare to see the most beautiful marine races and the strongest challenges awaiting your encouragement at AlDhafra water Festival. Do not miss the opportunity, the athletes are waiting for you!

  • Championship of the UAE champion of the sail “Regata”

(Modern sailing boats Category: Laser, Optest)

  • Trophy Racing (Boanish Boats)
  • 30-foot traditional rowing boat race
  • Boanish sailing
  • 22-foot Sailor Racing
  • Dalma I Long Distance Racing
  • Kite Surf Contest


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