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Liwa Sport Club hosts the event Friday

Liwa Sport Club will be held next Friday 30-3-2018 for a new round of the 2018 free car race, which will be held at Mureeb Dune, and will be accompanied by the start of registration of contestants and applicants. To participate in this tour; through the application of the club in the various devices and smart phones; the application has officially registered so far registration of the request of more than thirty competitors and a car in the categories of free review, which is scheduled for Friday evening.

The competition will be held in two categories: “N” and “T”. Observers and organizers expect the number of participants to reach more than sixty cars and participants in the two categories, as well as the presence of brothers from the Gulf countries. Enter and register racers from Oman.

Hamdan Al Mazrouei, Director of the Liwa Sport Club, said: “We expect the participation of large numbers of participants in the competition on Friday from across the GCC, especially as Mureeb Dune is always attracting participants because of its unique and distinctive characteristics. As well as the topography of the ring itself, which gives the rider the opportunity to do many movements and free review. “The ring’s reputation and reputation greatly contribute to attracting a large number of participants from across the GCC,” he said.


“We expect to see a sharp competition in the N and T categories; the review will be a great opportunity to see the best of the contestants and the owners of this hobby,” he said.

Al Mazrouei called on the masses to enjoy the competition, noting that the audience, usually youthful, would be the most usual presence to follow the competition closely and also satisfy the desire of young people to watch the beautiful movements.

He stressed that the Organizing Committee for the race has opened the door to the public to attend free of charge and follow the competition free review, and revealed that the venue for the public has become more spacious and wide, in addition to the vast area surrounding the ring and natural terrain, which make the public better follow.

Under the slogan of the UAE, we have gathered

Liwa Sports Club organized this evening the Arabian Horse race and competition in madiat Zayed in AlDhafra area and is named after the National Athletics Day of the Arabian Horse.

And began the afternoon of the competitions of the three games dedicated to the original Arabian horse, where the distance of the first half 1700 meters and is dedicated to horses with advanced centers, and then the second half 1400 meters and is dedicated to new horses, which did not participate,

The organizing of this sports competition to emphasize the keenness of the club to be committed to sports and participate in the events of the sport day, and stressed Abdullah Al Qubaisi Chairman of the Club of Sport Club Liwa on the importance of organizing and the establishment of this competition in conjunction with the sports day, he said: Our duty of sport drives us to be in And we will be an important part of the various events we are witnessing today. Therefore, we decided that horse competitions will be the event that Liwa will contribute to the National Sports Day.

Al-Qubaisi appreciated the wonderful initiative and objectives that the sports day seeks to achieve. He stressed that the great success was evident during the great turnout from all segments of the society of young and old men and women citizens and residents who interacted last year with the various sports activities and the challenges that spread in different Throughout the UAE, he also stressed that the general benefit of society will not

“Al-Qubaisi explained that the sports day of the state will contribute to the revitalization of sports tourism by the presence of everyone in it to exercise in order to be interested in sport not only in the sport day, but as a way of life in the future and become a part of sports The daily life of man.

For his part, Hamdan Al Mazrouei held the National Sports Day race, stressing that participation is a basic duty for all sports and institutions in the country. He said: Our commitment to sports requires us to be present through participation and attendance on this day.

Al Mazrouei explained the importance of applying the laws and regulations adopted by the club through the race. He stressed that one of the most important requirements is that the horses be Arab and the UAE production. He said: “Reviewing the passports and papers of horses is one of the most important points we focus on today. Suitable for competition.

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