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New tournaments in the calendar of the season

Mureeb Dune launches its new version December 28

The challenge and excitement of the Mureeb Dune competitions (from the source)

The Liwa Sport Club has set the agenda for the Liwa Sports Festival – 2018, which will kick off on December 28 and will run until January 5th with local and international participation in various categories and festivals.

LSC has adopted the dates and dates of the festival, which continue to the settings and equipment for him by the cadres of the club and the various committees, where we are scheduled to witness this season the entry of new tournaments and sports announced by the club soon and officially, and will be the end of the festival with the rise of Mureeb Dune in the last two days of the festival , As well as the opening of competitions with the Free Review Arena on the first and second day of the festival.

Abdullah Al Qubaisi, Chairman of the LSC, thanked His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan, representative of the Ruler in AlDhafra region, praised the unlimited support and guidance of the wise leadership. “By organizing the Liwa Sports Festival, we reached a high level of excellence and we were able to attract many participants and attendees, Which is T between the modern and the old. »

Al Qubaisi added that the new additions to the festival will contribute to greater success and enhance attendance, especially as there are new championships that are very popular. “The new competitions will spark more excitement in the event, and overall we will focus on the emergence of all competitions and competitions in the same picture. We are able to open the door to young people to show their strong energies and creativity.

“The Dhafra area is now a permanent tourist destination. We have enhanced the tourism role of the region through the establishment of the Liwa Sports Festival,” he said. And the diversity of sporting events and heritage, and we look forward to raising the image of the festival this season, as it will carry the identity of the UAE certainly in front of tourists and the next public ».

car sand stunt

The excitement and excitement continue through the third day of the “Mureeb Dune” Sports Festival in its 2017 edition, which will be held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Ruler’s Representative in AlDhafra, and Liwa Sport Club.

The two-day free car race concluded on Monday with the extraordinary success and participation of the participants in the show, which was hosted by the “Mureeb Dune” circuit for two days of free review.

The Organizing Committee decided to postpone the announcement of the winners of the three categories of competition until the last day of the festival, where the winners will be honored with the winners of the rise of the hill, the most important event through the festival.

The MotoCross Challenge, as well as the sand car racing competition on the hillside next to Tel Maharab, are on track for the first time at the National Day of the West in December.

The motocross begins early with the loud and powerful roar of the participating bikes, which is preparing to kick off the race. Preparations and preparations are underway early in order to compete in the motocross, which is divided into five categories: the 450 Pro and the 250 Pro, the Liwa, 85 Pro, and the Quad class ». For his part, Nahyan Butti Al Qubaisi, one of the motocross referees, spoke about the most important elements of the arbitration committee, namely safety and security for the body of the bike, and passing the technical examination in the race area. In order to ensure that they are ready in terms of security and safety before allowing them to participate.

Al Qubaisi said: “Due to the diversity of supplies and the various modifications of the participating bikes, and since the number of categories is up to five categories in the Motocross, we are inspecting each category individually. We try to keep all bikes in the race area after the technical inspection, After the completion of the technical examination.

The Motocross race is expected to start at 2 pm and the jury has distributed a bulletin about the most important laws and regulations to the contestants, and the importance of the presence before the start of the race by two hours in the starting area for all categories.

On the other hand, the “sand review” competition is also taking place on the hillside next to Mureeb Dune, which hosts the competitions from 6 pm to the end of the participants in the last night category, the first to be held at the ” Mureeb Dune” All the turnout and participation of many adventurers from various GCC countries.

The most important movements required of all participants today are the “stump” and the “question” movement, and finally the strength of the machine’s pressure, and if we try to detail each movement of the previous movements, the “stump” is the power of winding the car to the right or left and fully, which requires effort Of the rider, especially as he performs these movements on the sand hill, and the movement of “question” is to carry the car by the concept of newspapers until the end of the hill, which marks a question mark on the sand, while the power of the RPM is understood by strong pressure on the machine on the sand, Remember that each rider has five trips on the hill trying to He finishes his three moves through it, and if he can finish it in the first three rounds, he will not need to do the rest, which is certainly in the interest of the contestant if he finishes the movements required of him early.


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