A new sports surprise awaits participants

A great turnout to participate in the Liwa Festival

Liwa Sport Club began receiving and registering applications through its website and application of the club in various smart phones to meet the challenges of the Liwa Sports Festival – 2018, which will be held on December 28 and continue until January 5th under the patronage of HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, In AlDhafra.

The club’s management has opened the registration on mobile App a few days ago. This procedure allows the various participants to submit applications and fill them more easily, and to ensure participation officially before the start of any competition.

Hamdan Al Mazrouei, Director of the Liwa Sport Club, said that the trend toward electronic registration has become more effective in the past years, especially since it is much easier than manual registration and guarantees the owner the opportunity to book a seat through the competition without attending until the day of competition. We’ve come a long way in providing e-registration, looking for bigger shortcuts, and looking for everything new to save time and make it easier for them to compete.

Al Mazrouei said that more than two weeks before the start of the festival, more than two weeks before the start of the festival, we see that the rate of crawling and camping has reached more than 50% in the area of ​​Moreeb Dune, and the surrounding area, and the proportion of camping increases day after day, through the large influx And the participation we have in this season.

Al Mazrouei revealed that a new category will be added to the festival’s special agenda. The sport or competition will be the latest of the sports selected in the Moreeb Dune event. “There will be a new surprise soon to be unveiled next week, Great in the UAE and globally as well.

Al Mazrouei announced that the current categories of the festival are: Moreeb Dune, the free racing circuit, the UTV circuit, camel racing, horse racing, falconry and sand competition. These races include several classes Al Mazrouei said that the new category, which will be announced soon, will be a surprise by any measure in terms of the strength and spread of this category. Al Mazrouei said that the family camp will be present as in previous years, which was a great success and distinguished by allocating A family-only camp in a logic Hill, and said, we are keen to have the privacy of attendance, so the families camp will provide families what they need through its presence near the services area as well.

On the other hand, the Organizing Committee of the festival will soon launch a booklet that will provide a full explanation of all sporting events and events to be organized throughout the festival. The committee will also include a map of the area to clarify the places of camping and prohibited places in general. And bicycle rental areas.


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