Variety of Liwa Sports Competitions

Abdulla Butti Al Qubaisi, Chairman of Liwa Sport Club, announced the end of the season for the 2017 season with great success and dazzling, through various competitions organized by the club throughout the season, starting from last October until May, Qubaisi said: Which we promise is one of the most successful and distinctive seasons, and also in terms of diversity and various competitions that we have organized continuously throughout the competitions, adding in general, came the turnout sports participation and the mass attendance was also distinctive during the current season.
Al Qubaisi also stressed that the most important feature of the current season is the great cooperation with various government agencies and sports clubs. “This season saw more cooperation than a sports club with Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club in organizing the Shuwaif competitions at the marina and the Abu Dhabi Sailing and Yacht Club Who organized the Dhafra Water Festival, and also collaborated with others. We organized the desert cutting adventure in collaboration with Gulf News and many other events.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Club Liwa Sports, that the competitions and tournaments organized by the club during the current season, has varied and included many sports for the first time, in addition to the proliferation achieved in the presence of these tournaments in various cities of Dhafra, and said: Diversity was a key element of the tournaments Which was organized this season either through the free car showrooms, or Arabian horse races, as well as the Liwa bicycle competitions as well as the desert challenge, the Festival of the Union and the largest and largest Tal Marhab festival in the region, which included nine different tournaments, all the above had a role The largest in creating an ideal sports image in most of the cities of Dhafra, the various tournaments and activities in all the cities of Al Dhafra have contributed to the perfect entertainment industry and also have a great follow-up to these sports with a better spread, and we have achieved popularity for various sports by reaching all segments of society and near .


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